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Another program G2Solutions has developed is the Child ID and Safety Information System™
this easy-to-use system captures fingerprint data as well as physical information regarding the child.

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Whether you are a small business looking to set up a secure network infrasctructure, or a large enterprise wanting to integrate fingerprint background checks for prospective employees, G2Solutions has a hardware and/or software solution for you.

We specialize in the secure acquisition, storage, transmission and retrieval of sensitive data, primarily fingerprint records.

G2Solutions holds contracts with several state agencies as well as numerous corporate clients to provide fingerprint record gathering and transmission.
These value-based, affordable services are provided utilizing systems optimized by G2Solutions to ensure the integrity and security of sensitive data at all times.

We are always happy to consult with potential clients and answer questions and concerns about secure data transmission, server technology, automated demographic data retrival, and secure storage solutions.

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