The Child ID and Safety Information System™ program is in use in several states around the country, and by civic groups like these:



Keeping your children safe is a top priority for parents. That's why G2Solutions developed an easy and cost-effective way to capture the most vital information about a child.

The last thing anyone wants to think aboout is a child that is missing. But unfortunately it happens every day. The data that the Child ID and Safety Information System™program captures can be of immense value to law enforcement officials in a time of need.

Here is what the system does:

  • The compact unit first photographs the child.
  • Important information about the child is entered into a database
  • Each of the child's fingers are scanned and the prints labeled and recorded
  • A printout of the information is given to the parent/guardian, and as an option the record may be sent to a state and/or Federal database to be accessed by law enforcement agencies if needed. A CD may also be recorded at this time.

What equipment the system uses:

  • Dell Latitude Laptop
  • CrossMatch Fingerprint Scanner
  • LogiTech WebCam
  • Canon Portable BubbleJet Printer
  • Hardsided Case with wheels

Who is currently using the system:

  • Oceanside Pacific Kiwanis, Oceanside, California
  • Just Being A Kid, Sacramento, California
  • Sunset Notary, Rocklin, California
  • WePrintU, Sacramento, California
  • TR's Vision, Apple Valley, California

The important data the Child ID and Safety Information System™collects is like an insurance policy – you hope never to have the need for it, but if you should, the information is readily accessible and could literally save your child's life.

And theChild ID and Safety Information System™is not just for children. Adult care facilities, recreational centers, assisted living centers can all benefit from the data collected by theChild ID and Safety Information System™.

For a demonstration or more information on the Child ID and Safety Information System™, please contact us!